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Nuffnang's White Christmas Dayre launch

Last Friday, on 9th December, I was thrilled to be part of the invited to Nuffnang Australia's White Christmas Party in Sydney to be part of their select group of bloggers of the Dayre app launch.

The place took place in the evening at the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel. So a bunch of (all) female bloggers came together to cam whore, eat, chat, and take selfies.

Goodie bags, and my snake bite.
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Chea Yee's birthday 2015

Another year has passed. I am one year older, and I have to live accordingly...

Dai, being a typical blur male, asked why am I so particular about my birthday... (so I gave him the evil eye).

Savoury KFC "birthday cake" by Jessica Yu.
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Eats: Wolf & Stone @ Dulwich Hill

It was a glorious Saturday morning. Alas I needed my caffeine fix. 

As I went about my day,I found this neat little cafe, or Espresso Bar, as they categorised themselves. 
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Day Ten back in Sydney

So I finally made a trip to Lentils today.  

Trying Dai's first soy coffee handiwork.
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Day Nine Back in Sydney

Day Nine Back in Sydney

Today is Wednesday. I am writing this from the Campsie library because there is a desktop, and bloody free internet here.
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Eats: Yasaka Ramen, Sydney

After the usual Tuesday meetup at the Shark Hotel, we headed off to this diner called the Yasaka Ramen on Liverpool St.  

Yes, that's Nicolas and Malin..
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Day Six: the beautiful beaches of Maroubra

Today was a much better day for me. 
On Day Six, I took a trip with my housemates to the beach. Neha had been asking me about going on the trip for days, but I could not give her a reply until last night. 

Looking like the yakuza (japanese triad gang).
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Day Five: House Inspection Day

Today is house inspection day.
Hannah at Oliver Brown Burwood
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Eats: Yes! Indeed Thai @ Belmore

On Friday night, my housemates invited me to join them for dinner at this place nearby in Belmore. We went to this Thai diner, Yes! Indeed Thai near our home.

The place has the sign Halal displayed proudly outside, making it ceremoniously appropriate for both Muslims and those of the Jewish faith.  

Chicken spring rolls.
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Third day back in Sydney

Today was another quiet day in Belmore.

Khan and John, the landlord came to pick up the rent for the next two weeks. Khan, being the existential entrepreneur, wanted to contribute to my burgeoning day care business idea... it is a nice idea, but I can't really envision Khan as a business partner at this point of time.....
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Second driving lesson in Sydney


Second driving lesson in Sydney

I eventually decided to sign up for a six hour driving lesson with the instructor, Albert from Prestige Driving School. Including yesterday's lesson, it would be altogether seven hours.

Today is my second hour lesson on the road. We worked on driving around the quiet neighbourhood, the single lane roundabout, and some of the parking exercises. He said my skills aren't chronically bad, but I have the disposition to panic easily.

His advise is to drive slowly and take everything in, and to take it calm and easy  when manoeuvring the car.

I decided to just let Albert converse with me in Cantonese, as it was a lot easier for dialogue.

He advised that I should just make a booking to have the driving exam date, as the place and dates can be changed given a 24 hour notice, and exam dates are always on a waiting list.

Given that I'm living in Belmore, he advise that I should choose the Road Transport registries in either Rockdale, or Beverly Hills, and start practising my driving on the road skills in the vicinity to familiarise with the local road conditions.

These two areas have a high waiting list as the road conditions are a lot less busy and easier to pass, as say compared to Five Docks.

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Second day back in Sydney

So the first of my mates to meet me is.. *drum roll* *drum roll* in first position, Jo Cho, mother of goddaughter, Hannah, and her husband Ricky.

We met up for coffee this afternoon at The Coffee Story, this nondescript korean vietnamese cafe in Campsie. 
Jo and CY
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First day back in Sydney.


First day back in Sydney.

I had a good three hour sleep after returning home to Belmore this afternoon.
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From KL to Sydney with love.


From KL to Sydney with love.

I finally made my trip back to Sydney.....

When I checked in last night at Airasia in KLIA2, I showed both my old Malaysian passport carrying my Australian visa, and my new empty passport.
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Eats: The Hound @ Taman OUG

Finally here is a post of a special cafe for man's best friend. Yes,  you guessed it!  It's a cafe especially for dogs..!

On Sunday, Bestie brought me for a  tea outing to this place called The Hound.

I am actually quite surprised to find that we actually have a dog cafe in OUG.

Wonders beyond wonders.
Operating hours.
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Eats: Bakar by BIG @ Taman Weng Lock, Bangsar.

Last Wednesday was a public holiday.

My cousins and I decided to make a trip to this off the path cafe in Bangsar for a lunch meet up.

I ended up driving to McDonalds in Jln Telawi as I had no idea where this cafe was, and did not want to get lost on my way there...
The open kitchen area.
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24 hours before Sydney

It's almost time to return to Sydney.

I've had some wonderful memories in my time back here.

CY and TY.
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It's almost time to go.


It's almost time to go.

It's nearly the end of my three weeks in KL.
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Coffee Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

Coffee chocolate cheesecake dressed with a topping of stewed strawberries.

This is my second attempt at baking a cheesecake on this trip home. 
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Salted Duck's Egg Prawn with Curry Leaves.

I bought a container of four salted ducks eggs from Econsave Pearl Point yesterday night when I was scouting for chicken eggs.. 
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Eats: Le Pont Boulangerie @ Jalan Klang Lama

After lunch today, Zen and I were supposed to head to Owls Cafe in Bukit Jalil this afternoon for tea. However it so happened I spied this cafe out of the corner of my eye and decided to pay a visit to this place. Zen didn't want to look at owls as she was going through some superstitious stage of her pregnancy so we ended up at this place instead. 
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Eats: Big Baba @ Taman Desa.

 I finally made the long awaited trip to Big Baba last Tuesday with Kah Shiong, a mate from high school. 
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15th Day back in Kuala Lumpur

I finally managed to find time to pay a visit to Poh Poh (grandma) today.
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14th Day Back in Kuala Lumpur

Tea at Butter and Beans, OUG. 
My girl friends are precious.
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Behind any successful man, there is always a supportive wife.


Behind any successful man, there is always a supportive wife.

Tonight I had a conversation with Zen, an old friend from music school...
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My brother's chinese wedding.

So my brother's wedding has gone and done.

Kingsley weds Alexandra
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Catching up with bestie.

Catch up with Hui Min, Alice and Remus. 
Ha, my mom just asked me if I had bought a new laptop coz she saw my latest update on FB... LOL. Yup, she reads my FB updates ...

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Seventh day back in Kuala Lumpur

It's good when you know you are on top of your tasks.

The Asus K401L
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New Hairdo, New Frames.

So this is the day after my hairdo.. the hairdresser is kind of old fashioned, and not so trendy with her hairblowing skills, but my hairdo that I did on my own is pretty okay.. so all's good.

New hairdo, new frames.
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Ah Lian: Home based hairdresser

I just had a hair cut and hair perm. It was at one of those ajummas that provide hairstyling services at home, and charges a pittance for services rendered.

Apparently my grandmother and aunties have been utilising her services for years and years, and she visits my grandmother who is now house ridden as the latter can't walk.

She used to have her own hair studio but moved on to just home services. Ah Lian only provides basic services like hair cut, perm and colour.

Ah Lian only works only on one customer at a time, so you need to make your appointment days ahead. 

For hair cut, she charges Rm15.
For cold hair perm, the charges start from Rm85. Prices will go up as the stockist will increase charges with the next billing due to the lowering of the Ringgit. Sigh. 

Her contacts:
Ah Lian
Address: 45 Jalan Lazat, Taman Gembira, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Before hair cut.
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Strive not but be at rest.

Aromaplasty at Decleor, Midvalley today.
Esther 2:12: Each young woman’s turn came to go in to King Ahasuerus after she had completed twelve months’ preparation, according to the regulations for the women, for thus were the days of their preparation apportioned: six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with perfumes and preparations for beautifying women.
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Third day back in Kuala Lumpur.

Coffee at Encore with Remus on Monday.
Its three days since my return to KL. Here's an update.
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He will find me


He will find me

The week before I left for Malaysia, I was having some quiet time with God and listening to some worship music. It was at this time of meditation that I was lead to realise that God has indeed 'let me see in part, and know in part the knowledge of what His plans for me could be. (1 Corinthians 13:9)

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Going home to KL: the day of reckoning

So here I am writing this post over how many miles above sea level in the comfort of my Air Asia premium seat. I was thinking I would miss the train this morning, but thank God I didn't. It's my first time in a premium seating so it's a good experience. I bought this ticket in February, and a premium ticket would ensure I could change the dates to a more suitable one should the need arises. 
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Buying a car in NSW with a foreign license.


Buying a car in NSW with a foreign license.

Matthew 14: 31 And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him,“O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”32 And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased.

I'm so relieved.

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God the great romancer

I really have to think that this song is really anointed. Perhaps when you listen to it, you would hear a different message.

I was not listening to the words, but to the tune of the music.
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Growing in milestones.


Growing in milestones.

I passed my Driver's Knowledge Test today! 

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One Week to Kuala Lumpur


One Week to Kuala Lumpur

Last week was among one of the hardest I've had to endured in a while...

It's not that I am not up to the challenge of establishing a business in Sydney, but it was more a private emotional struggle. Granted, the start of this week has been much more tolerable than last week, and I prefer crazy rather than awkward or weird.
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There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed.


There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed.

Things always happen for a reason... beyond reasons we will ever understand.
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When my heart is overwhelmed.

Lord, I love you.

Help me to understand when I don't. Help me to know that you are right beside me when I don't.

Help me to have clarity when I don't.
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Comparing Bank Service Wait Time.

Today I had lunch at Manmaruya Campsie. Yummy teriyaki chicken lunch bento set for only $10. My ex colleagues were pleasantly surprised to see me... Lol

I like my sweet sauces... 
Sugar high diabeticness... 
After lunch, I went to two different banks to gather more information on business bank accounts. This was around noon time.
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Keeping off the small things in life.


Keeping off the small things in life.

Lord, remind me of the reasons why I am here where I am now.

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In KL: Things to do

In KL: Things to do

So I've compiled a list of things to do when I head back to KL

1) Rent or buy two dresses for my brother's church wedding and Chinese wedding dinner.

2) Renew my passport

3) Facial at Decleor

4) Colour my hair

5) Go for thai massage

Things to buy: (not sure If to buy or not yet as I want to claim tax breaks with ABN).
1) A wifi router and modem

2) New phone

3) New laptop

4) power bank

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Random: When Your Match Arrives


Random: When Your Match Arrives

I want to say that I haven't felt this happy in a very long time. 

It took a while in the making, but it has definitely arrived.

After going through so many emotional upheavals, I can't say if I am the only one feeling it.. 

But when you have met your match, you have indeed met your match.

I can only wait to know if it's God hand who directed it.
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Working out a Business Plan

Working out a Business Plan

God may give you a vision...

But it is up to us to work out the vision.
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The season for a vision

It's amazing when God gives you a vision at the right time and at the right place....
Perhaps how I envisioned it was a little more like how Joyce Meyer received hers, but perhaps God works differently with every person. 
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Foodie's ramblings of Japanese cuisine


Foodie's ramblings of Japanese cuisine

After working two weeks in a Japanese Noodle Bar, I seem to find myself setting a higher benchmark for other Japanese restaurants, whether I liked it or not.
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Atif Aslam:Tajdar-e-Haram

Sometimes God takes people from our lives to bring new ones...
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A Campsie Day.

This morning was my final dealings with the Japanese Noodle bar that I was working with. I collected my wages, then headed over to Centrelink.

Apparently some names are tricky to synchronise in the Australian MyGov system as the first and last names need to match with each other. The consultant fixed this problem rather quickly.

Then I had lunch at this cute and cosy Japanese bar in Campsie, Ishiyama.

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Just an interesting day.

Tonight has been quite interesting and productive. 

The Entourage's Entrepreneurs Unconvention held today was pretty intense as it started at 9am, and ended at 1730 hours.

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Finding the right fit


Finding the right fit

Well, when you know it's your time to quit, it is time to quit. You don't really need to flog a dead horse to know when something is not what you really want to do or drives any interest or passion in you to continue working on it.
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Why I Like What I Like


Why I Like What I Like

Today was one of those days.... that probably hit me like a ton of bricks after finishing my floor service at the Japanese noodle bar and I had a bit of thinking to do after resting in the evening.

Just a short blurb on my brain tonight...
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My thought on Joyce Meyer's Addiction Approval


My thought on Joyce Meyer's Addiction Approval

Recently I've been listening to this audio book by Joyce Meyer entitled Approval Addiction.

I downloaded it on as they had a free first month promotion, however it seems that in order to purchase the credits, the transaction has to go through on North American shores. Whatever that means. So that's probably a no-go.

It has been very encouraging being able to watch Joyce Meyer both streaming on Youtube, as well as through her audiobook. I actually heed her preaching better due to her gift of being able to speak forcefully.
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His Beauty For My Ashes.


His Beauty For My Ashes.

Today was my second day working at the japanese noodle bar. It was fairly hectic as I am still training and trying to learn the ropes. I was fairly exhausted after my shift so I headed home to rest after work. In terms of dynamics, working on the floor is challenging more mentally as you need to be alert to the needs of the customers as compared to the routines in the kitchen.

 I realised tonight was the first time I no longer dwelt on my problems, and instead I had that sense of peace and freedom in my heart after so many weeks. God has finally shown me the truth, and I have been set free indeed! (John 8:32)

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Entering a new season.

Today I enter into the season of my first official day of work on the floor at a Japanese Noodle bar in Campsie.

The noodle bar runs like any other, just that it has electronic dockets, and uses a screen to take orders. There are three staff on the floor, and each staff has their own role. There's about six kitchen staff, with one a Vietnamese Chinese, and two others from Vietnamese background. 

I started work on the floor at about 10.20 and finished around 15:00. Before finishing work, I had to go to every  staff and greet each person to let them know that I was 'checking out' in Japanese. Then we had 'makanai', or staff lunch, and all the staff sat down together to have lunch. I was seriously hungry.... For lunch today, it was something similar to a Sashimi Don. (yes, sashimi...)

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Pruning the dead twigs in my heart


Pruning the dead twigs in my heart

I've been on my own in the last week. In the last few days, I've been watching a  number of Joyce Meyer YouTube videos.

Joyce Meyer is an American preacher, who has a her own television network and series of Christian teaching resources.

Joyce Meyer:
Living in God's Timing (Part 1).
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Belmore: Hoa Hung Tofu

Edward, a friend from church who has lived in Belmore for years, told me that I can get soy bean products from the tofu factory.
When I was on my way home tonight, I passed by the factory and decided to do that. It's located a few minutes walk from the Belmore station. 
2 litres of freshly made hot soy milk for 2aud
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Slaying my dragons.

Today I made a trip to Lentils.....

It is hysterical, as there were butterflies in my tummy at the thought of going to Lentils this morning.
vegan Tom Yum soup at Lentils. 
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Tasmania: Letting a dream die

Everyone needs to take a break from time to time. I took a break to Tasmania to declutter my mind and take some time off from all the people in Sydney, familiar scenery, my normal routine.

It was good to spend some time with Miaw and her family. It was fantastic actually to see how she manages her home, her two homestay teenagers, and how she manages cost keeping in managing her family.
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Belmore: Saturday night out.

It's been close to a month since I have moved in to Belmore. It's North Belmore, to be precise, as Belmore is a pretty large area when it expends from one end to the other, walking at a normal pace  could take up to 30 to 45 mins.

Not many people are familiar, nor aware of where Belmore is located. But it is located along the Bankstown train line, one stop before Lakemba, and one after Campsie. To its north, one can drive by car towards Belfield, Strathfield, and Burwood. To its south, one can catch a train to Campsie, and take the 400 Bus towards North Bexley, Rockdale, International Airport, and Bondi Junction.

Around the first week point here, I scheduled a meetup for my mates to come and visit the area. I am doing this in honour of Jessica Yu, as I know I won't be seeing her for a very, very long time. (She's gone away for two months traipsing the world). :-)

Pork Belly. Yum!
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Tasmania: Hobart Day 5- Cold Spell

On my last day in Hobart, I stayed in. Temperatures were dipping low, and it was freezing cold. I asked Matthew, husband of my host, and he said it wasn't that common to have such cold spells on normal days. 

Apparently some other parts of Hobart was snowing today, in particular about 100 metres near to Mount Wellington. I peeked out the glass door to feel the temperature, and the wind was blustery. Not a good idea.
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Tasmania: Hobart Day 4 - Farmers Market, Laksa, and Lemon Shortbread

Today was another easy going day. In the morning, we headed off to the Sunday Farmers Market in the city. It was a short walk showcasing lots of local produce, from vege to meat, herbs, cakes, coffee and tea.
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Tasmania: Hobart Sunday Farm Gate Market

This morning, my host brought me to Farm Gate Market. Located on Bathurst St, it is in the CBD area. It showcases a lot of local meat, fruit and veg produce, cakes, pastries, bread, coffee as well as tea. 

The prices here are premium targeted , hence be ready to pay a higher price when you do intend to pay a visit here. 
Baskets of local root vegetables. 
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Tasmania: Hobart Day 3- Mount Wellington, Salamanca and Chicken Wings

My third day in Hobart has been a lot more relaxing. This morning I listened to a message from the British church of HTB about listening to the whisper of God.

The message was very encouraging as I realised that it helped me to relax my mind and deepen my dredges in order to hear God's voice better when He Whispers. 

Look at the height of the snow. Massive!
The first place we were supposed to visit was to Salamanca Markets in the morning, but my host decided to make an ad hoc visit to Mount Wellington, or otherwise known as Kunanyi.
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Tasmania: Kunanyi Mount Wellington

On my third day in Hobart, my host decided to make an ad hoc visit to Mount Wellington. We were supposed to head to Salamanca Markets first thing in the morning, but seeing snow was something I could not miss out on... 

It's a 30 minutes drive from Hobart CBD.. Yes, everything in Tasmania takes less than an hour by car to travel.. 

That's short considering I take half an hour to get to the CBD of Sydney by train from Belmore. My host tells me that the size of Tasmania is bigger than Singapore. 
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Tasmania: Hobart Day 2- Beach Howrah, and Salamanca Night

My second day is a lot more relaxing. Basically it was just sleeping in. I woke up at mid day. 

Miaw was encouraging me to sleep in and relax as that was my purpose here. 

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Tasmania: Hobart Day 1 - Hobart Waterfront, and Elizabeth St Mall

My first day in Tasmania has been pretty  pleasant. Apart from being late and missing my designated train, and almost missing boarding the plane, everything else has been pretty good. :-) 

I boarded the first flight of the day,  which was at 6.15am...not my best choice, but it was the only available on Jetstar.

The night before I had made some Bbq chicken wings, but my housemates didn't have any, hence I ended up stuffing it into a blue Ikea food container,  and chucking it into my hand luggage... 

Lugging It all the way to Hobart. Lol.

Miaw , à friend from USQ came to pick me up at the airport. There was lots to do, and lots to explore and see in the city of Tasmania. 

This picture was taken on the way to Hobart CBD in Miaw's car. Notice the mountainous snowy peak that can be seen from the city. 
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Tasmania: Waterfront @ Elizabeth St Pier, Hobart.

Tasmania is an island, hence it is surrounded by bodies of water, and boats and sails are a common sight. Seafood, fish and salmon fishing is a major industry of Tasmania. 

However I'm told that in order to protect the local market, prices are kept at a premium even for the local market. 

Here are some pictures of the Waterfront taken near Elizabeth St Pier, Hobart CBD. I  think they look rather picturesque.

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Tasmania: Searching for God

My plain vanilla boarding pass....
Trust the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight. Proverbs 3:5-6.

By the time I publish this post, I would already have arrived in Hobart. When I made my trip back to Sydney at the end of February this year, it was with the intention and planning to return home to Malaysia in time for my brother's wedding..
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Dermalogica's exclusive closed door skincare event

I havent done a beauty skincare post in a very long time. Due to the job drought, and less of financial stellar ness, I have not paid much attention to skincare regimes as they cost a bomb to maintain. 

Recently, I was invited by Beautyheaven to participate in their exclusive Dermalogica skincare event at Crows Nest in Sydney last Wednesday night.

The director at Dermalogica HQ
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Criteria: looking for a husband.

Criteria: looking for a husband.

Today I spoke to a colleague at Lentils..  Who had been interested in me...

However, for whatever reasons, I decided to share with him my criteria in looking for a life partner.

Eventhough my age is advancing, my  mother has not pushed me to settle down, but said that until the right person appears, I should not rush into a relationship.

My criteria is:
1) He needs to have a purpose in his life.  He needs to know what he wants and shows a passion and is ready to go all out to get it.

As in, planning for his own life and ready to go there. Perhaps it's because my father is like that, that's why I end up only wanting to choose a person who is a go getter.

The reason I state this is because I need to be able to respect my husband, and I believe that as the helpmate, I would be able to follow where my husband goes. Whether it be to India, or the jungles of the Amazon, my role as the wife is to support my husband in his endeavour, and always be there for him.

2) He needs to love God. This should be the first criteria actually,  but it always ends up being the second.

He would have a heart for God, and his people, and serve God and his people. It would not hurt if he came from a family background with good standing.

3) He needs to do the respectful right thing by me. He has to be caring, protective, and not short cut his way to my affections. He needs to have a good heart, with the right intentions. I'm not a booty call.

4) We should be able to communicate well and effectively, and understand what we want from each other.

In spite of the above, I am not looking for a perfect man, a person who has no flaws. We each have our own strength and weaknesses, and we can all learn from each other.

On the other hand, I have my own misgivings which I have to let go
1) I have to trust and believe that the right man treats me as a prize, and is willing to make sacrifices for me.

2) When I see a man who has disrespected me by trying to take affections from me before the time is due, I would have to minimise contact with him as I am not respecting or loving my self.

3) I will let go of trying to win a man's affections and just let it be. It is not my place to try to win a man, because as much as I have masculine energy, it is still a man's place to find the wife, as per  Biblical wisdom, and to let God do what is right and needful in my life. (for He has made them male and female).

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No matter what you've done,
we are just humans,
two very silly people,
Two different ways of thinking.

I know you dont intend to hurt me,
But why you did,
I would never know.

Why are emotions so complicating,
Why do the tears flow,
You know I would never trash talk you,
Why would you even doubt me?

Do you think I don't care,
What people say about you,
What can I say in your defence,
When you had completely shut me off?

I hope we learn from our mistakes,
Our pride and our prejudices,
Let us make amends,
And let us start anew.

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I finally graduate from Commercial Cookery Cert III


I finally graduate from Commercial Cookery Cert III

A couple of weeks back, I had finally completed all 48 service shifts that was  required for my final practical unit of Work Effectively as a Cook.

It's been an interesting long three months, as I've met quite a number of interesting characters, been through a period of back pain, and actually excelled much better at my knife skills.

The place that I did my practice is at a place called Lentil As Anything. It is a non for profit restaurant in Newtown, which has an interesting and colorful group of people. The restaurant caters for vegan cuisine, which means that any food produce is free from animal source, i.e honey,  milk, and eggs.

I never thought I would actually improve in my kitchen skills, but I did.
I'm now off to a new journey, between traversing the path to an unfolding work path that exists due to my venture into the food industry, and managing what to do with my previous training as an early childhood educator...
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Tafe Ryde: Graduation Ceremony for Patisserie Cert III

A couple of weeks ago,  I had my graduation convocation at Sydney Tafe. 

It was a time of celebration, coming together , free complimentary food,  and alcohol for my mates who came..... 

Qualified Patisserie chef I am now.... 

Chef Dominique Salembian-Roux. 

Eve, and Carmen.. Classmates.  

Bouquet of flowers from Apple Gary. 

Lisa Hong who tried her best to attend but got detracted along the way...  Lol. 

Thank you to all my mates who came for the ceremony.
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