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The Awesome Things of Life I have learnt in 2014.

Things that I have learnt about myself in 2014.

1. I can achieve things if I put my mind and heart to it.

2. The only things that can stop me from pursuing my goals is the motivation within myself.

3. I am capable of expressing my emotions and feelings when I choose to, and the world won't fall apart when I do decide to. :-)

4. I am able to bake cakes and pastries.

5. I am able to bone a chicken, fillet a fish, make stocks and soups, and am somewhat capable in the kitchen.

6. Carmen reminds me that my writing is my most powerful gifting and talent. I have the ability to move and persuade people's hearts and minds through my writing, and as such, I should continually exercise it.

7. I have learnt that I have a nurturing personality. I have also learnt to accept my nurturing personality, where I realised when many new mates tell me that they enjoy my company because I am a "comforting presence" to them.

Through my conversations with Elizabeth, I realised that others can discern when one is showing genuine affection, care and love for others. It is important to continually possess an authentic spirit when making new acquaintances.

At the end of the day, authenticity, genuine affection, care and love for others is really what matters in building friendships and relationships.

8. I have slowly learnt to speak my mind and know that the world will not fall apart when I do. Being mean is also quite fun! :-)

9. I have my faith in a Higher Power, meaning Jehovah God; which helps me through my emotional downs, and reminds me that there are many more things in life in which I can have pray and hope to aspire for.

I've been told by Christophe D. that perhaps I have a divine purpose, in guiding and leading others down a much straighter purpose. Perhaps it is time to come clean, and as I've told him, Carmen and I spent three weeks fasting and praying for a group of people from our meetup group right before the Exodus movie.

We do not know the outcome of that intervention, but half the people that we prayed for came to watch the movie, Exodus. The other half being my Brady Bunch, and some other people in the meetup group. Prayer does work wonders as we can still see the outcome lasting from that time.

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