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Fudge: Big Hair Raise the Roots

Thank you to BeautyHeaven for allowing me to participate in this product trial. 

This is the first time I am trialling a product from the brand Fudge. 
When I first received this product, and read the instructions on the back, I was not too sure what this product was supposed to do as one if it's functions included 'thicken your hair'.

Initially I thought it was a hair serum for the hair roots. However when I checked on the website, it was only then I realised it was a hair gel the was applied on the hair roots, and works like a hair gel. 

The product seems pretty straightforward to use. It was easy to remove from the paper box it came in, and easy to hold in my hands.

There is an 'on' and 'off' tab indicator which allows the user to know when the product is open or close. 

The squeezing of the gel takes a bit of wrist work though. It is a translucent pink coloured gel which feels sticky to the fingers. 

I applied it to towel dried hair after my shower  and then a low heat on the hair dryer. 

After trying it out, I asked one of my girl friends if it made any difference to my looks.. She told me my hair was neater.

One of the issues with my hair is I have any oily scalp, so I don't really like to apply any sort of ointment or hair products to my root area. 

After one day of usage, and being in the kitchen and coming home, I felt the root area of my hair again with my fingers.

 The hair is still in place, and not messy even though I've worn the kitchen assistant's hat which covers my entire hair (it's the law to keep hair covered in a kitchen here) 

There is not that much of an oily residue as I thought. 

Would I use it again? That's a good question. I wouldn't mind but I would leave this product for someone who has an oily scalp like mine to use it instead.

I'm better off using a hair spray product instead.

This product is available from September 2014 in Australia at pharmacies and the chemists. 

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