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Produce Meat Dishes: Lamb Broth, & Lamb Teriyaki

Chef Roux
Today's the first day of a new semester at TAFE NSI. I have new classmates and a new Cookery teacher. 

He is a French man, and shall be deemed Chef Roux for the purpose of my entries.

(Roux happens also to be the French word for the cooking process otherwise known as panada when making a bechamel or white sauce but we shall not go into that..)

It's just the first day of class and I have 9 males, and 4 females in the class. This will be an interesting combo.. 

In my patisserie, there was only one male student with all females ranging from teenager to ajummas...

I realised no one carried a note pad for Cookery class... >_< unlike in Patisserie, every student had a notepad....frantically writing everything the chef said.

Rich thick lamb broth... 
To start off, all of us had to learn how to bone a huge chunk of lamb thigh..

Next, with the boned lamb, we separated it into a few parts namely for the teriyaki, and the lamb broth. 

First off, we sealed the red meats by sauteing them in hot oil in a frying pan. The reason for sealing it is to keep the flavours and juices in it and prevent it from seeping into the broth when making a stew. 

For the brown stock, Chef Roux taught us to use the juices from the browned meats and let it caramelise together with the tomato puree and sauteed vegetables. He then added the flour, letting it cook for a while, before adding liquid brown (made from REAL reconstituted beef stock, as Chef Roux calls it, and then added the browned meats into it). 

He then took the fire up, letting it boil and then reduced the fire to a simmering low one and let it cook on for  an hour or so until the stock has reduced. 

Many of the students in this group were already working in the service industry at restaurants, and bakeries. Whilst I was trying to saute the diced lamb, as well as lamb kebabs, quite a number of them actually came out to help me as I had difficulty with trying to figure out if the meats were done... 

What nice young chaps. ^^

Teriyaki Lamb. Yum.

Chef Roux's Teriyaki Lamb.
The lamb broth.  With knobs of butter... fattening. ^^
Braised lamb broth pictured here. Yum.

We also made twice cooked lamb shank, which is not pictured here.

Till next class!

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