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Hillsong Conference 2014: (Evening Service) Sharing by Steven Furtick.

Hillsong Conference 2014 started today at Olympic Park (Sydney).

I wasnt aware that it started until one of my friends from church told me about it and she was attending it with a group of Thai people from church. After our Thai lunch in the CBD, we took the train and arrived at Allphones Arena at about 4pm ish to queue up for the evening service.

Ordinarily you'd have to pay about AUD500 for the entire duration of the conference, however the evening conferences are free entrance to the public! Woo Hoo!

Lining up from 4pm onwards. Doors open at 5pm ish. 

Dressed warm and toasty on a cold winter's day.
Notice my new glasses ^^
Apple, one of the thai ladies from church.
This year's theme: No Other Name. 
Special message behind the tithe card.
Fantastic light work. 

Did you see special word in the laser light works?
Okay, just in case you missed it the first time....
Special speaker: Steven Furtick from Elevation Church (USA) 

Furtick shared a special message entitled "Behind the Veil". He takes the verse from where Moses was wearing the veil so as to hide God's glory from the people.. however he continues on to say that Moses used the veil after even the glory of God had left. 

He uses some examples such as the video that his wife made with his three preschool kids made for Easter for the screening at his church. The version that he shows at church were of three well behaved kids who could sit well, and answer the questions posed by their mother. However when the video was being screened, Furtick noticed that his wife was grimacing and looked like she had eaten something sour.... 

When asked, the wife replied that the outtakes took forever to film. The three preschool kids were running amock everywhere and one was off on her own journey to look at something interesting somewhere far in the corner of the room..... 

Furtick continued to share that one should not focus on looking at how other people's lives are perfect. As christians, we should remove the veil and show allow our vulnerability and not allow pride to take place. For someone out there may be touched by how we still allow vulnerability in the way we lived our lives but yet we continue to press on, and pray and continue look to God as our strength and our saviour in times of need. 

Glory to God, Amen!

Final picture of the night...  can you go wow at the crowd???

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