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Troubleshooting: Stirfry Cooking Mistakes

The picture above looks okay isn't it? It looks like a gyu-don (beef bowl)...
Well, it was not my initial intention to make a stew... I wanted to make a beef tomato stirfry.
I made the mistake of sautéing my onions and tomato first then only sealing the diced beef. On top of that I added too much water... Hence it became stew. 

I ended up stewing it for half an hour then decided to have it for brunch. It tasted good though.

Instead, I should have sautéed the onions, then sealed the meat and then finally add the tomatoes... 

Oh well. Practice makes perfect.

My beef stirfry that became a stew.

(29/06) Stir-fry Beer with Sautéed Potatoes:

I made stirfry beef with sautéed potatoes for dinner at Jo's place tonight. However I must have boiled the potatoes too long in the water, they became too mushy. Instead, I had to deepfry them to keep them firm instead of just sautéing them. Then I took it out and placed aside.

The marinade for the beef was just soy sauce, sesame oil, corn flour, salt and sugar. First I stir fried the beef, then I added the potatoes, some water and a bit of seasoning.

Jo seemed to like it. I thought it was just 'mah mah tei' only.

Stirfry beef and sautéed potatoes that became deep fried potatoes!

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