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Retraining Bad Social Dating Behaviour

So recently I've had to deal with bad social dating behaviour with people from the opposite gender. 

There I was supposed to meet this guy today for an ice skating outing. He had confirmed the day, but not the time and place to meet. 

Anyways, I was waiting yesterday evening for at least a call to let me know when and where to meet.  Or text. No such thing.

Then today came. 10am came. Still no contact 

3pm came. Still no contact. 

5pm came. Still no contact. 

Anyways, finally about 6pm ish, I finally received a call. By that time, I had already  reached Maccas and had ordered a McSpicy burger set with large order of fries. 

I decided to just ignore the call. 

I happily bought my one kilo of diced beef from the Asian grocery for 6.99/kilo, bought a bag of carrots on specials  for $1. Then headed on the train to head home. 

All the time, I was telling my landlady (she's very chatty) what happened. 

Later she told me that if I put a female face to this guy and looked at her if he was female, I would not put with such nonsensical behaviour. Probably would have told her to screw herself and find some other girl to screw with. 

(A friend asked for clarification on this paragraph: in essence it means that a lot of girls put up with bad behaviour from guys because they are desperate. However, we do not do that with females and expect better behaviour from gal friends) 

So when I got home, I told him that I was asleep when he called. Then the next time we were to meet, he better confirm the date, time and location. 

Funnily enough after that, he said to me that if I were in the city, I could drop by to his home and use his facilities if I wanted to. 

When my landlady heard that, she got really cross. I was a bit cross too, so I sent him a text (since he was so fond of sending texts) that 'it was not appropriate for a girl to go to a guy's house when she  barely know him very well'. 

My landlady says it's good to let a guy know where your boundaries are from the beginning.

Anyways, my landlady says that each person should at least get three chances. 

When it comes to men, like small children (since I am a preschool teacher) they should be encouraged everything they do the right thing. 

We shall see what happens in the weeks to come.

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