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My Experience: Porting from Optus to Amaysim

So today I finally decided to make the process to port over form Optus to Amaysim

The process was easy enough.

However what I didnt realise what that to port over from an Optus network over to Amaysim would take
at least 3 WORKING DAYS!!


Yeah, that is exactly how I was feeling.

You would think that as Amaysim was a reseller service on the Optus network, it would at least take freaking one hour to complete the process.. SIGH, where is your marketing strategy, Amaysim???

I was also a little cranky as my data was finishing, and I had no more talk time remaining.

In my annoyance, I thought I would purchase a 1 GB data for ten dollars.

But guess what... instead I had accidentally purchase ten dollars MyCredit.


Anyways, then suddenly out of nowhere the light bulb switch turned on.

I just changed the plan over to the $2 plan..... and it turns out I have too much credit and too much data to last me till Sunday.

(The last time I tried porting over to Telstra, it took me one week or less... so well).

So anyways, I can have as much as 1GB of data tonight if I decide to watch all Masterchef videos online all night long. ^^

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