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Lessons I've learnt in my Patisserie baking classes.

These are among the many lessons I've learnt in my five months through my patisserie classes at TAFE this year.

It applies not just in your patisserie baking, but applies too in commercial cooking kitchen as well.

1. You have to be very organised in the kitchen.

The first thing you need to do before starting your work process is knowing and deciding how you want to go about making your dish.

Planning your workflow is of utmost crucial importance at the beginning of your career in the kitchen.

2. Have your mise en place in place before starting the cooking process. 

mise en place ready not just during service, but cooking at home. 
3. Your workplace must be clean and organised at all times. 

Make sure your counter/workplace is immaculate at all times!

As Chef Barry Jones always says, "a messy workplace produces messy produce".

4. Never work with a frazzled mind.

I cannot emphasize how important this is.

There have been many times I have second guessed myself, especially during  the baking exams.

If you are, take a few minutes to breathe and get your mind settled back and get back to work!

Most importantly, stay calm.

5. Do not second guess yourself and always show confidence. 

6.  Clean as you work so that you can have less mess to wash and clean up after. 

In summary, I know a lot of the points I've written is related to organisation, cleanliness and being calm.

However, the first rule of being and starting in the kitchen is organisation, and cleanliness. It matters less if you don't know that much about cooking, but the two points I have mentioned is the criteria the head chef will look at if you ever decide to pursue a career in the kitchen.

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