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June 2014: Moving home, and TAFE NSI Gateaux Diary

Sorry, been really busy with TAFE study and all the paperwork in the past few weeks since I returned from Malaysia that I haven't had time to update my blog.

I recently moved nearer to TAFE as our accomodation lease in Rhodes had ended, hence everyone involved had to move out.

Just today I did my exam for Gateaux, Torts and Cakes unit. It wasn't my best outcome, but fortunately I passed. Just a word of caution for anyone who intends to go into cooking school- Chefs are very particular about cleanliness, organisation and how fast you are when working in the kitchen. It's GO, GO, GO from the onset. I also passed my Cakes unit which I had not done so satisfactorily.

After completing the Desserts, and Cakes units, Gateaux was a lot easier as incorporated elements from both units which we had previously completed. If you have been following me on Instagram, you'd have seen the kind of bakes and desserts we had made recently. The following pictures below are from my Gateaux, Torten and Cakes unit from the last 4 weeks.

Cold - set cheesecake
Opera gateaux

Fish & Chips (cookery)

Black Forest Gateaux

Concorde Mousse Gateaux

Paris Brest


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