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Trial Batch 1: Genoise Sponge Cake

Batch 1: 
now for this recipe, I made it the same way as the Molleaux chocolate cupcake yesterday. (15/04)

 However I had a bit of problem with it as it didnt turn out soft and fluffy and seemed a little heavy, as well as raw in the middle. 

I am not sure if it was the salted butter or If I had a bit of problem with one of the processes. Will have to try it out again.

Batch 2: (16/04)
So today I decided to make it again. To make things in a more organised fashion, I decided to get the mise en place in place first.

1) First, I spread cooking oil using a pastry brush on the round cake tin. In school we used a cooking spray, but that's a bit expensive but convenient. I cut out the outline of the baking paper and lined it. 

2) Next, I melted 40 grams of salted butter in the microwave so it became liquid and had enough time to cool down. I used salted butter as it was the only butter I had at home. 

3) I then weighed out the other ingredients. For flour, I opted to use Nona Cake Flour vs the Bakers Flour, which I will leave it for heavier weighing fruitcakes and cakes. 

4) I used the Beville WizzMix (320 watt) on speed 4 to beat up/whisk the egg mixture for about 6 mins. The mixture looked fairly thickened in size so I stopped. 

I used a sifter to pour the flour in (lazy technique, please don't follow me!!) and folded it in the flour using a whisk, being very careful with the aeration. 

Then in the final fold, I poured the liquid butter down the side of the bowl. 

I left it in the oven to a temperature of about 150 Celsius and about 25 mins. 

.... Unfortunately half way, my friend Remus and gang decided to hurry me up through the process.. So I had to quickly chuck it in the oven.

I was waiting for the cake to bake as they came in. Remus made an observation that I could still leave the cake to bake (there was about ten mins of baking time) even if I left it in the oven and turned the timer to zero and let the residual internal heat (which could be up to ten mins) inside the oven to bake the cake. 

I decided to do that when the timer had about five mins left... Zzzz

The reason for this is, Remus does the same for the chicken that he bakes in his restaurant (he manages an Indonesian cuisine restaurant).

 Instead of baking the chicken at 35 mins as per the recipe, he asks his staff to bake it for about 25 mins, as they have a tendency to forget during busy service times, and the residual oven heat ends up over cooking or burning the chicken!!

Outcome: the cake turned out fine surprisingly... It didn't burn and was soft and fluffy. Thank God!!

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