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Baking Diary - Cakes


On today's menu is the Coffee Parfait, choc Molleaux cupcake, Light Tea Cake, and recipe of a white egg cupcake 

Coffee Parfait:

Everything was running almost smoothly for this. The sugar syrup was cooking nicely, and the egg mixture.

Except for the last bit that involved the homemade heavy cream... Lol. I'm thinking to get the antiquated Bel Cream Maker which is made in the UK. It cost a bit but if helps me to make heavy cream properly, it's probably worth the investment.

White Egg Cupcake:

 I used the leftover egg whites for this recipe which I found from the internet. 

The only problem that occurred was which I realised later is the beater attachment probably had some oil on it when I beat the egg whites so it couldn't form soft peaks!!!! 

I still baked it anyways.. Nothing goes to waste in my house just because the meringue didn't form properly. 

Light Tea Cake:

 I think it turned out pretty okay.. The flaked almonds were a bit charred however. 

Apart from that, I learnt a leaks obvious managing my egg whites in beating up a meringue for the almond topping >_<

Chocolate Molleux Cupcake: 

this is my second round of baking choc lava cake.

I learnt a little better in handling the small oven at home.

Top rack: cupcakes was fast to rise, but the ones facing the outside cooked slower than the ones on the inside due to  the internal heat.

Bottom rack: the top rack tray prevented the heat from penetrating to the bottom.
As a result the bottom cupcakes didn't rise at all!! 

When I later repositioned it to the top, the cakes didn't rise at all which brings me to think the cake has already cooked and it will just burn if it's kept in the oven any further. 

Middle rack: this just means that there is no top or bottom rack but just that the cupcakes are positioned in the middle. It's prevents the cupcakes from rising too high, if that is what I want.... 

However when I tried one of the smaller cupcakes, the middle was already cooked which makes me wonder how to make it a lava cake.. Hmmm. 

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