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TAFE NSI: Making Yeast Based Products

So my class completed our second practical exam about a fortnight ago (15th March).  I've been really busy lately, hence haven't had time to update the blog. 

These are some of the pastries we baked  for this unit.
Gugelhopf, savarin, and Rum Babas (rum drowned cakes... )

Danish the different types 

Stollen (spiced yeast based bread)

Bienenstitch -The Bee Sting cake (origin German)

Practical Exams pieces!! 
Croissant (after one hour proofing, it us super large !!)

Brioche and Finger Buns with fondant

Overall, it turned out pretty good. Without the photos, I think I will not be able to keep track of what the class is making so far as we really bake an unbelievable jbet of items in such a short time!!

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