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What they don't tell you at Baking School!


What they don't tell you at Baking School!

Baking cakes, cookies and pastries seem to be a popular choice of past time for many people. No thanks to the many celebrity chef shows they have on tv like Iron Chef, My Kitchen Rules, and etc. 

However what seems to be a popular notion is however very far from reality. At least that is what I discovered. 

In the last eight weeks, I've spent almost 21 hours in the kitchen each week. These hours were spent standing on our feet for 7 hours each time just learning how to wield a knife, using the different kitchen equipment, as well as cleaning equipment.

What the textbooks or teachers don't tell you at the begining of the course is a lot of students start to have health issues, most relating to back problems and stiff neck quarter way through the course. 

I learnt this the hard way! 

For me, I started having back pain on my waist and stuff neck around the end of the full time three week marker point. 

Fortunately for me, I recently bought a private insurance from Medibank. 

The benefits include a specific yearly credit allowance for physiotherapy, chiropractic services, dental, dietitian, optical, as well as remedial therapies. 

My health insurance cost me roughly 80+aud on a monthly basis. It seems pretty affordable to me, although I might downgrade the plan once I complete my baking course, as I won't have as much need for some of the services then. 

Unfortunately this scheme doesn't exist in Malaysia for whatever reason. 

I've been going to see the physio, as well as some remedial massages which has helped greatly with my back pain!

Today I had to take a day off work as I was advised by the doctor to stay home to rest due to a weakened immune system. 

I attend Tafe for three days a week, and work at childcare for two days a week. Both, highly exhausting choice of activities, coupled with a lack of sleep has left me with a very weakened immune system. 

The thing about working in childcare is that if one has a low bodily immune system, are susceptible to catching an infection from one of the kids. 

I decided to stay home from work to catch up on very much needed rest so that I can be healthy and bouncing again for class on Thursday. 

See you guys soon!!
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TAFE NSI: Making Yeast Based Products

So my class completed our second practical exam about a fortnight ago (15th March).  I've been really busy lately, hence haven't had time to update the blog. 

These are some of the pastries we baked  for this unit.
Gugelhopf, savarin, and Rum Babas (rum drowned cakes... )
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Finding a spouse of good character


Finding a spouse of good character

Recently I had lunch after a church service where I had observed two new sets of parents who were fussing and looking after their individual new born child. Both babies were barely three months old. 

The mothers were trying to finish lunch whilst at the same time breast feeding the babies. After which, the fathers took their turn and pushed the baby prams back and forth in an attempt to rock the babies to sleep.

When I reflected upon this observation with a mate of mine, she stated that I am actually fortunate to have the opportunity in the last few months to have observed both bad, and good examples of couples who have worked together to look after a new born child. 

Sometimes as singles, we look for a partner with probably the thought that having someone who is youthful looking and faithful is adequate. 

Yet when parenthood comes upon us, it reveals the test of character of both partners. This is seen in their looking after the offspring, sustaining the relationship between both partners, and the commitment to do both.

This mate also reflected that for her, she was doing fairly well in her job, didn't have much financial issues in her life, and thought that finding a man who will be faithful will be adequate enough to meet her needs. 

Yet foresight is always better than hindsight. 

An individual who is struggling financially will always try to look for a partner who is able to assist in the household expenses. 

An individual who doesn't have many struggling needs on the other hand may not realise the need for other facets in the partners' character which may make or break the marriage till it's too late!

Marriage is and should be a lifelong commitment. Think deeply and analyse the character of the partner you will choose to be your spouse. 

Let this be a reminder to all those who are still single, and also currently in relationships preparing to move into the next step.
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