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TAFE: Two weeks into Patisserie Cert III course...

I've been really busy the last two weeks since classes for Semester One at TAFE NSI started.

Here are some pictures of the better looking pastries we've made since Week One of the semester.

Ham & Cheese Quiche: Lesson 2

Custard Fruit Flan: Lesson 3
Vol Au Vent: Lesson 4
Palmiers: Lesson 4
TAFE is short for Technical and Further Education institutions or higher education for both local and international students who want to pick up work and practical skills in Australia.. This could be in the early childhood sector, hospitality, beauty and other service sectors.

The first week of TAFE was pretty easy going but once we started the pastry lessons, which are 6 in total, it was just high paced adrenaline and pressure from the get go!!!

My class is now on Lesson 4, and next week at  Lesson 6 we are having our practical exam for basic pastry making techniques!! *pulls hair!!*

I spent two days this week working at childcare, and the other three days attending classes at TAFE. When I get home from TAFE, its almost close to five o'clock in the evening, and the first thing I do is crash out on the bed....

Skills wise, it is quite a challenge as most of us are total newbies in a professional kitchen trying to adjust to the requirements and expectations from our Kitchen and Pastry Chef teachers.

I am not used to the high fast pace of the kitchen, and barely just surviving at this time. The only thing that I am lacking now is sleep...!!! Hopefully as the weeks get by, my energy reserves will be refresh themselves and my body will adjust and adapt to the additional pressures applied to it. 

The only good news to report from the last two weeks high adrenaline exercise is my last weigh in on the scale reported a two kilo loss from my usual 67 kgs to about 65 kgs now.. ! :-)

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