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Making Stuffed Mushrooms, and Yeast Battered Sole Fish.

Today was our last class for Use Food Preparation Equipment.

Crumbed Sole, and Yeast Battered Sole. 
For our final class, we had to make crumbed sole fillet, yeast battered sole, fried chicken and stuff mushrooms.
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Producing Pastries at TAFE Meadowbank

Today my TAFE group had a final practical assessment for our sixth lesson.

It was a 5.5 hours practical assessment where we had to produce 4 pastry items. 

They were namely: 12x vol-au-vent (puff pastry shells), palmiers, 12 x eclairs (custard profiteroles dipped in chocolate compound), and apple pie (short pastry rub in method).

Vol-au-vents (pastry shells made from 3/4 puff pastry)


TAFE: Two weeks into Patisserie Cert III course...

I've been really busy the last two weeks since classes for Semester One at TAFE NSI started.

Here are some pictures of the better looking pastries we've made since Week One of the semester.

Ham & Cheese Quiche: Lesson 2
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