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Spa Universe: Decleor Skincare, & Inika Beauty Haul (November 2013)

So recently Spa Universe was having their year end sale. Among the range of brands that they had on sale was Bergman Beauty Care, Carita Paris, Decleor Paris, Inika, and Priori. 

The sale was held at their warehouse office in Zetland. It is about a good 15 mins walk from the Green Square station. I managed to go on the second day of the sale, which was on a Friday.. and I reached there at a good time in the morning where there was no crowd. ('People Mountain People Sea' as they say in Cantonese.) It was good timing as Saturdays are the worst possible times to go with everyone off work.. and loads of people coming. 

So this is my haul below..

AUD55 haul of four customer sized products. 

A close up picture of Decleor Aromessence, and Hydra Floral Anti Pollution. 
Salon size of Decleor products: Aroma Cleanse Lotion (AUD5), Hydra Floral Moisturising Mask (AUD20),
Hydra Floral eye and lip moisturing mask (AUD20), and Hydra Floral eye and lip moisturising gel (AUD20).
Elizabeth Arden- Allergan Treatment (AUD5)
PRIORI- Coffee Berry Natureceuticals Powder (AUD5), Prior Kabuki Brush (AUD5)
Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation (Tan) x 2 tubes,
with 2 Foundation brushes (AUD10). 
So what is the total damage? 

A total of AUD155 only!! Not bad, considering I am on a low budget and need to replenish my skincare stock. These are good salon brand products, and not a chemist brand. So yeah!

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WendyPua said...

less than RM500 for everything

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