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Personal: A new employer and Cert III Patisserie

So how is my life recently?

I applied for a new job with this employer after waiting upon it for a while. I was always considering to look for work in Montessori centres, but the centres I was interested in were not hiring so I had to scrape that plan. It was mostly too far, or maybe other reasons. 

As they say, necessity is mother of invention. And money is necessary for survival in Sydney...
Anyways, it's already my second day with the new employer, so I think God is really good. I really enjoyed my time at the Childcare centre today in Coogee, so that really helped me pass my day today! :-)

I also had a call last week from a Montessori centre looking for an Early Childhood Teacher cum Montessori Directress. I haven't decided much about it, but I'll be busy with work this week so there's not much I can do about visiting the place which is in Hurstville. It is a bit far from my place in Rhodes.

Further to this, I've applied to Cert III in Patisserie, and will be starting a 3 day week class when February comes. It's considered a full time six month course, and as such I am entitled to concession travel in NSW which comes as benefits of being a resident here.

I finished my nine week patisserie course at Stanmore, and it was a fantastic learning curve baking experience. But I am more than happy to start technical college and have some time off on Saturdays to do things like meeting, socialising and networking with some people. :-)

So that's all about my life for the time being. I hope you have a fantastic christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years coming up too!! 

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