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Lancome: Harpers Bazaar & Elle Premiere Event @ Myers Sydney CBD

Myers Sydney 
So not too long ago, I saw an ad on Lancome Australia's Facebook Page holding a 'premiere event'. 

I decided to give it a go, wanting to know what new products and discoveries that Lancome has in store for customers. The only way to reserve a ticket was to prepay 30AUD to attend the talk, which is redeemable for purchase of products after the event. 

To do that, I had to send my details, and make a booking over the phone when a representative from the publishing company called up after.

Anyways, there I was, one of the first to arrive. I just came from the Decleor Sale at Zetland, so you could imagine how tired I was by the time I arrived at Myers Sydney. The event started about 6.30pm.

Here are some of the current products available at the store.

More cosmetic products on display.
In attendance, there were the editors of Harpers Bazaar & Elle in attendance of the premiere event. Also, I believe the Manager for Lancome on the utmost left.  

Editors from Elle & Harpers Bazaar. 
Having been spoilt by how our beauty events in Kuala Lumpur are very much extravagantly managed, the premiere event that took place at Myers Sydney has very very much room for improvement.

I thought it would be a launch of new products, but it was just an invitation of the editors to discuss skin tips and also for Lancome to share the benefits of their star products. 

The audio system was barely audible, and I could observe that the participants could not really hear the talk was being given. It was more an informal chat rather than anything specific.

There was some door gift given to all participants. 

These were the mini sized doorgifts that were presented to participants.
A copy of Harpers Bazaar & Elle included in our doorgift.
So Malaysian readers, what do you think of this 'premiere event' that has just taken place at Myers Sydney? I would really love to know.

Please leave your opinions in the comments. Thanks.

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