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Waxaway: Sensitive Skin Formula Review

Waxaway Sensitive Skin Formula trial unit
 So recently I was sent a complimentary unit from Waxaway to use at home. It was a unit of their Waxaway Sensitive Skin Formula. 

This is how my hairy left thigh looks full of hair... haha... 

To use the wax unit, first I heated up the wax unit in the microwave in multiple of 30 seconds. I had to do this a few times, possibly up to 2.5 minutes as the wax took a while to liquidate. 

Being a virgin user of DIY waxes at home, I hadn't the slightest idea how to use waxes as the razor is my favourite and easiest form of getting rid of any bodily hairs. :-)

After I warmed up the wax, I applied it on my test area- my legs, and placed the pulling paper (?) over the wax areaI used the single one use sachet of the Waxaway After Care Wipe which was included in my complimentary unit. It was a lot easier to remove any excess wax residue, with a bit of an oil slick.

This is how my legs look after the entire process. There are still a few stray hairs remaining (now that's it been a few days after). I just have to stay that the pulling of the wax strips is painful!! =_=

The process is not too bad if you're into home waxing. :-)

Cons: If you prefer the razor, then waxing is not for you.

Being a virgin DIY wax user, the waxing process seems fairly straight forward enough, just that it took longer than my usual razors. 

If you like using pre-made waxes, go for it! 

This unit retails at AUD7.30 at all leading pharmacists and chemists in Australia. 

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