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Photos: Happy, Happy Birthday!

So it was my birthday on Sunday! Thanks to my "twin" Edward for organising this lovely event, and opening his home to have this wonderful November babies birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday too to my "twin" Edward whose birthday falls on the same day as mine! Birthday greetings as well to Xris, and Kent whose birthday fall around the same few days. :-)

Also many thanks to all from church who came and helped made the dumplings, made the food and such a lovely happy day we had!! :-)

Spread of dishes for all... dumplings, rice cake, fried noodles and bread (of some sort..)
Macarons made at Paris Cooking School the day before, assembled at the party!

Flowers from Apple & Gary.
Korean rice birthday cake from
HyunJu eonni, Junga eonni, and
Aunt Cho for all the November babies!

Lovely messages from mates!

So what does a beauty blogger like the most on her birthday??? Lots and lots of makeup of course!!

Faceshop Eye Tint from Yun Yiung

Makeup from: Hyun Ju eonni
Models Prefer: Smoky Eyes Colour Palette

Revlon Colorstay: 510 Precocious

Eye shadow of some sort...
Skin Food: Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake (Number 21)

From: Pastor Rhodes and Lisa,
Indulgence Coconut Lime Verbena candles

A good read from Sunny eonni,
by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend.

Once again, thank you to all who came and created such happy memories on this special day with me. God bless!!

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