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Personal: Blood tests confirm PCOS.

It's been long in the making. However it took me a while to get there. 

This last trip in Sydney, after much persuasion by my mates, I went to see a GP. 

I did a blood test and ultrasound imaging after a referral by the General Practitioner. Fortunately most it was paid under Medicare which I have access to as a resident of Australia. 

The blood tests confirmed what I suspected for a very long time. PCOS.

Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. It is a chronic hormonal disorder that affects the fertility, physical health and emotional well being of reproductive aged women.

It is when the female body is lacking in progesterone, and has higher levels of estrogen and androgens which does not permit the female reproductive organs to function normally.

Symptoms for PCOS include:
- irregular monthly periods
- difficulty losing weight due to insulin resistance, and sugars from gluten.
- allergy to IGF-1 in cows milk, which has a similar structure to insulin, adding more problems to my fresh milk intolerance. (I already cut out fresh milk from my diet since 2006).

I have currently been prescribed Provera, which is progesterone in the form of tablets. It is taken one tab a day for ten days to induce my monthly cycle. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of endometrial cancer happening, however taking Provera is just a short term solution.

If you are wondering what is is, please google it for more information.

PCOS is not curable, but it can be managed through changes in dietary lifestyles. Stay tuned.

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