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Health: Foods for PCOS

I was at Woolworths today and decided to buy some food items which are supposedly more suitable for my less than stellar PCOS condition. 

Home brand peanuts unsalted 350g- aud1.99

- I read that I would have to take more nuts to up my protein levels rather than too much processed meat. Also to take it with fruits so it doesn't spike my glucose levels.

Sunrice Medium Grain Brown Calrose1 kg- Aud2.89

I reckoned it would be a bit of a challenge with changing to brown rice  since most people do not like the taste. I've had it whilst still in KL, so brown rice isn't that much a problem for me.

Brown rice takes more water than ordinary water to make, as its got a harder external layer and isn't as polished like white rice.

So far, its tasting okay. But I can't take much as a little goes a long way.

Freedom Foods Ultrarice Maplecrunch 300g- Aud3.99

- it is Gluten Free, Wheat Free. This one didn't  taste too bad. It also contains psyllium which will be fibre for my cholesterol levels.

Wasn't raving about it but will just have to finish it. It's an acquired taste though.

Macro Organic Almond Milk 1L- Aud 3.39

Nutrition Information

I've tried the almond milk... Frankly speaking, it tastes terrible. It tastes better when paired with the Maple Crunch but not drunk on its own.... Zzzz

I actually tried almond milk Flat White on Friday.. But had to add three spoons of sugar coz it doesn't have any of its own sweetness. Bearable but nutty coffee not coming in vogue any time soon.

In summary. I think I will just stick to fresh foods like unprocessed foods, with no soy, additives and preservatives. Full of flavour and tastes better than the stuff I just bought!!

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