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Baking: Paris International Cooking School (Week 1)

So recently I signed up for a once a nine weekly French baking course at Stanmore. The name is Paris International Cooking School, or PICS for short. 

 It's about ten mins by train from Sydney CBD. However you will still need to walk at least ten mins from the station to get to the shop.

Utensils on sale.

I received a complimentary apron which I have to bring for classes.

Silicon baking sheet. 20AuD for two.

Rhubarb stalks for the Rhubarb Crumble.

Rhubarb stringed and sugared for boiling.

White Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle.

Teachers work for us the try on the first week.

The classes are held every term with a different menu each time. My classes cost Aud330. That's considered cheap considering the amount of ingredients we need to buy and bring for each class!

PICS International Cooking School
214 Parramatta Road, Stanmore.
Contact: 95181066

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