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Eats: Making Ojingeo-chae mucchim

So last night I finally managed to nudge Auntie Cho to make Ojingeo-chae mucchim. It is a stir fry peppery dry squid side dish.

Ojingeo is the Korean word for squid. Now, I am not sure if you can easily find this ingredient in the shops in KL though.

This is a favourite Korean side dish, or ban chan as it is called (half dish, in literal terms).
This is what we had for breakfast this morning. Typical Asians from China, Korea and Japan have rice as part of their morning breakfast everyday.
Included on the side dish is the ojingeo-chae mucchim on the upper far right.

- Some Water
- Two spoons gochujang
Four spoons of corn/malt syrup (mul ryeo) the amount is dependent on amount of squid used.
- a spoon of brown sugar 
-half spoon of gochu garu for colouring
-Some sesame oil for flavouring after cooking
- a bag of ojingeo/ squid 
(the bag I bought cost 5.70aud which is pricey according to Auntie Cho!)

First in a bowl, tear the dry squid into smaller bite pieces. You can find this at most Korean Asian groceries.

In a pot, add some water, the gochujang, corn syrup, and brown sugar.

 Simmering over low fire until ingredients are boiling.

Pour in the squid.

It is done when the sauce is stirred over the squid. You can mix in a bit of mayonnaise to add some flavour.

It is now ready to serve.

The squid is really chewy, and is a mix of sweet due to the corn syrup and little spicy due to the gochujang.

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