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Eats: Making Kimchi (with Photos!)

So recently Auntie Cho and Jung-A decided to make a new batch of kimchi as the supply at home had already finished...

These are the estimate measurements to make using an Ikea red storage box.

1 kilo cabbage cut into bite size
1/2 cup rock salt for 1 kilo cabbage
Hot Water to fill the container
Container or basin for the cabbage

In a container, soak and marinate 1 kilo of cut size cabbage in salt and fill in hot water. Leave this in the container for 40 minutes.
The red container is bought from IKEA in Rhodes.

After 40 mins, take the cabbage out and wash it under the cold water to rid it of the salt solution and other dirt as well.

Drained cabbage in a basin. Let the water drain for 30 mins.

After washing and draining the cabbage, leave the cabbage in the red Ikea box to dry in a covered container.

For the Kimchi sauce:
Gochu-garu red pepper powder used to mix with the dry salted cabbage. 

Frenched radish. The amount of chili powder used here is for three kilos of cabbage.

A handful of spring onions.

A handful of cloves.

Also about four tablespoons of fish sauce, a handful of mashed ginger.

Cubed red apples can be added to the if you like some sweetness in the sauce.

After the cabbage has drained of its water, mix in the pepper sauce.

The kimchi is then kept in a container in a dry cool place.

For storage, divide it into smaller boxes and kept refrigerated at all times.

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