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Eats: Apple Crumble (Attempt 1)

Apple crumble and caramel ice cream in an oblong dish used to serve the Apricot Clafoutis.

Thought I'd be getting some work hours on Tuesday, but didn't. Ended up staying home with baby Hannah and Auntie Cho.

Was trying to read a book on staff supervision to get ready for the interview, but it wasn't too exciting and ended up too sleepy... 

So the bright idea of making apple crumble came up..

The version of the rhubarb crumble that  the French teacher taught wasn't to my taste, not the kind I like. Frankly speaking, rhubarb is expensive, at 3Aud a stalk, but green apples are a lot more affordable going at a minimum 1.80aud for a kilo of Granny Smiths.

A number of the apple crumble recipes that I found on the Internet did not require pre boiling for the apples which i had erroneously assumed, and I think the canned ones can be a little costly.

For this round, I think crumbles are a little easier to make than the clafoutis which requires thickened cream, milk and eggs, with both requiring about the same amount of time. I also didn't have my weighing utensils with me anyways to make a clafoutis.

So far the first attempt at the apple crumble without utensils turned out pretty okay, using flour, caster sugar, almond meal, and more butter to make the crumble a lot more richer.

It was a measurement of 4:5 cubed apples, and 1:5 of crumble to cover the dish.

 With the baking dish in place, it was easier to make off the cuff measurements, though I am not sure if I should have put less caster in.

Jo said the crumble was a little bit dry. However Auntie Cho wasn't too fussy about it as the filling was not too bad. 

I guess this just means I should perhaps bake it for 25 mins first or about there to try if it does get dry.

Anyways, ever since My blood tests were confirmed for PCOS, I decided to be a bit more careful with what I buy now. 

The baking products for the apple crumble were bought prior to my blood results had come out.

I was Woolworths today and did a bit of search. They do have whole grain flour or gluten free white flour. However, I will have to ask the baking instructor how it will affect the baking outcome should I use wholemeal or gluten free flour.

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