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Baking: Paris International Cooking School- Patisserie Baking (Week 4)

The pictures for this post was taken during my fourth week of class. It's now past my fifth week of class, with about four more weeks of classes to go which ends right about before Christmas. 

Madeleine baking tray. Named after a french chef, I believe. 

For this, we had to butter and flour the moulds before placing the dollop of batter into the moulds.

After baking, it forms to become a sponge like consistency.

Crepes with jam and icing sugar, with a sear heated on gas fire to brown the icing sugar.

Takeaway for the mates to try.

Making caramel using just sugar and water in a boiler pot. Do not stir with any wooden spoon as that will introduce bacteria into it. Only give it a gentle swirl in the boiler pot every so often.

Pour the caramel solution onto a baking tray whilst swirling it. Then let cool and it will form glaze like pieces.

Glenoboise walnut cake with slivers of caramel.

How are my patisserie baking skills now?

That's a really interesting question. I have now been exposed to quite a number of different techniques in baking. By now I am made more aware of the kinds of savories and baking products that the people around me have a preference to.

For asian people, like those from Kuala Lumpur, we like sweet stuff which is not overly rich or too on the top.

The french patisserie products I have made so far seem to be typical fare that most local Caucasian Australian have grown up with, and they actually enjoy the foods.

There are some of the recipes that I do actually like, but would need a bit of tweaking to be suitable for the asian preference. French crepes and Madeleine sponge cakes are actually quite nice eventhough they are sweet.

With four weeks left to go, let's see what other interesting recipes to discover. :-)

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