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Waxaway: Sensitive Skin Formula Review

Waxaway Sensitive Skin Formula trial unit
 So recently I was sent a complimentary unit from Waxaway to use at home. It was a unit of their Waxaway Sensitive Skin Formula. 
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Bongkot Thai Massage @ 804 George St, Sydney

So recently I went for a Thai massage in Sydney CBD. My record was lasting for about two months before my back pain made its reappearance again. =_=

I found this place near Central station, about five mins walk to 804 George St as they were having a promotion on Scoopon.

Walkway entrance to Bongkot Thai Massage.
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Photos: Happy, Happy Birthday!

So it was my birthday on Sunday! Thanks to my "twin" Edward for organising this lovely event, and opening his home to have this wonderful November babies birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday too to my "twin" Edward whose birthday falls on the same day as mine! Birthday greetings as well to Xris, and Kent whose birthday fall around the same few days. :-)

Also many thanks to all from church who came and helped made the dumplings, made the food and such a lovely happy day we had!! :-)

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Eats: Making Som Tam (with photos!)

About a couple of weeks back,  I attended a Sunday farewell BBQ for Peter. He is one of our korean mates at church who is leaving for Thailand to be with his family. 

By popular request, the Thai girls made som tam, a raw green papaya salad which is a favourite dish among all Thai people as well as foreigners.

Being a person who loves her food, I took the opportunity to take pictures of the entire process!!

A well made Som Tam is both salty, sweet, spicy and sour all in one go! It uses a variety of Asian vegs, with some shrimp paste, fish sauce, dried shrimp, small black crabs, and lemon or lime juice squeeze.

Using a special grater which can be found in most Thai Asian groceries to grate off the thick green skin.


Baking: Paris International Cooking School- Patisserie Baking (Week 4)

The pictures for this post was taken during my fourth week of class. It's now past my fifth week of class, with about four more weeks of classes to go which ends right about before Christmas. 

Madeleine baking tray. Named after a french chef, I believe. 
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Makeup: Revlon Create Your Gift Haul @ Myers

So recently I decided to stock up on my makeup haul after being stranded here in Sydney.. 

Myers was having a Revlon promotion, which I believe is in lieu of Christmas coming.

This is the GWP from Revlon consisting of six piece items with purchases of Aud39.95 and above.

The mascara Lash Potion by Grow Luscious is pretty standard user friendly so far. Not too compelling.

The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (025- Peach Parfait) swatch. A light lip tint with pink gloss and gold shimmers.

I have already started using the Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow colours (550- Enchanted), but still working out the best way to apply combination of the colours. 

As you can see, there are four graduated shades with the lightest being used as the base, and black to line the base of eyelids and lashes to give the impression of making the eyes look wider and bigger.

I ended up purchasing this four piece makeup set that cost me about roughly fifty dollars. 

There is the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer(001), Revlon Photoready BB Cream (Light Medium), The Revlon stick concealer (Light Pale), and Revlon Photoready Sculpting Brush Palette (003- Neutral).

As I use two types of concealer, one which is darker base as I have pretty bad eye bags, the Revlon Photoready (Light Pale) stick concealer shade however too light for my skin tone and is only suitable for me as the second concealer shade after applying the BB cream which works as the basic foundation for me.

This the sculpting brush palette. (003- Neutral)

As the name goes, I have used it as a contour powder as well as highligher, as there are three different shades here in the palette. The flesh coloured tone will be used more as a bronzer.
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Personal: Marry in Haste, Repent at Leisure


Personal: Marry in Haste, Repent at Leisure

Its one week before my next birthday. I am getting older. I am turning 34 this coming Sunday. Yes, I am telling you my age.
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Bodycare: Korean Bath Supplies- Happybath Natural, Debon shampoo,Ilynn hand strap towel

This afternoon we went shopping at the Korean mart nearby in Rhodes. 

I decided to get some bath supplies since mine at home was finishing. 
First stop was the body shower supplies. 
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Fragrances: Elie Saab La Parfum free sampling at Myers

So I just received an emailer invite from Australian based beauty website, Beauty Heaven to redeem a complimentary sample of Elie Saab Le Parfum from Myers.

It says in the emailer you need to show the email, but I normally just walk up to the beauty consultant and ask. They normally oblige. And no, it's not like in Malaysia where they expect you to put in your Citizen card details for some silly sample size.

One per customer, whilst stocks last!!
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Health: Foods for PCOS

I was at Woolworths today and decided to buy some food items which are supposedly more suitable for my less than stellar PCOS condition. 

Home brand peanuts unsalted 350g- aud1.99

- I read that I would have to take more nuts to up my protein levels rather than too much processed meat. Also to take it with fruits so it doesn't spike my glucose levels.

Sunrice Medium Grain Brown Calrose1 kg- Aud2.89

I reckoned it would be a bit of a challenge with changing to brown rice  since most people do not like the taste. I've had it whilst still in KL, so brown rice isn't that much a problem for me.

Brown rice takes more water than ordinary water to make, as its got a harder external layer and isn't as polished like white rice.

So far, its tasting okay. But I can't take much as a little goes a long way.

Freedom Foods Ultrarice Maplecrunch 300g- Aud3.99

- it is Gluten Free, Wheat Free. This one didn't  taste too bad. It also contains psyllium which will be fibre for my cholesterol levels.

Wasn't raving about it but will just have to finish it. It's an acquired taste though.

Macro Organic Almond Milk 1L- Aud 3.39

Nutrition Information

I've tried the almond milk... Frankly speaking, it tastes terrible. It tastes better when paired with the Maple Crunch but not drunk on its own.... Zzzz

I actually tried almond milk Flat White on Friday.. But had to add three spoons of sugar coz it doesn't have any of its own sweetness. Bearable but nutty coffee not coming in vogue any time soon.

In summary. I think I will just stick to fresh foods like unprocessed foods, with no soy, additives and preservatives. Full of flavour and tastes better than the stuff I just bought!!
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Eats: Apple Crumble (Attempt 1)

Apple crumble and caramel ice cream in an oblong dish used to serve the Apricot Clafoutis.
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Personal: Blood tests confirm PCOS.


Personal: Blood tests confirm PCOS.

It's been long in the making. However it took me a while to get there. 

This last trip in Sydney, after much persuasion by my mates, I went to see a GP. 

I did a blood test and ultrasound imaging after a referral by the General Practitioner. Fortunately most it was paid under Medicare which I have access to as a resident of Australia. 

The blood tests confirmed what I suspected for a very long time. PCOS.

Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. It is a chronic hormonal disorder that affects the fertility, physical health and emotional well being of reproductive aged women.

It is when the female body is lacking in progesterone, and has higher levels of estrogen and androgens which does not permit the female reproductive organs to function normally.

Symptoms for PCOS include:
- irregular monthly periods
- difficulty losing weight due to insulin resistance, and sugars from gluten.
- allergy to IGF-1 in cows milk, which has a similar structure to insulin, adding more problems to my fresh milk intolerance. (I already cut out fresh milk from my diet since 2006).

I have currently been prescribed Provera, which is progesterone in the form of tablets. It is taken one tab a day for ten days to induce my monthly cycle. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of endometrial cancer happening, however taking Provera is just a short term solution.

If you are wondering what is is, please google it for more information.

PCOS is not curable, but it can be managed through changes in dietary lifestyles. Stay tuned.
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Metamucil: Daily Fibre Supplement (Starter Pack)

So recently my blood test report came back, and it revealed that my cholesterol levels were at borderline 5.5 of normal.

The pharmacist recommended products containing Psyllium Husk, among them Metamucil.

When I was Coles today, I saw the 1 month starter pack going for 8Aud (RRP 10AUD) and decided to get it.

It is to be taken with 250ml of water and stirred briskly,once a day.

It tastes bearable and orangey for this sachet. Hopefully we will see some changes when I next have a blood test, maybe in six months time or more.

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Eats: Making Ojingeo-chae mucchim

So last night I finally managed to nudge Auntie Cho to make Ojingeo-chae mucchim. It is a stir fry peppery dry squid side dish.

Ojingeo is the Korean word for squid. Now, I am not sure if you can easily find this ingredient in the shops in KL though.

This is a favourite Korean side dish, or ban chan as it is called (half dish, in literal terms).
This is what we had for breakfast this morning. Typical Asians from China, Korea and Japan have rice as part of their morning breakfast everyday.
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Eats: Making Kimchi (with Photos!)

So recently Auntie Cho and Jung-A decided to make a new batch of kimchi as the supply at home had already finished...

These are the estimate measurements to make using an Ikea red storage box.

1 kilo cabbage cut into bite size
1/2 cup rock salt for 1 kilo cabbage
Hot Water to fill the container
Container or basin for the cabbage

In a container, soak and marinate 1 kilo of cut size cabbage in salt and fill in hot water. Leave this in the container for 40 minutes.
The red container is bought from IKEA in Rhodes.

After 40 mins, take the cabbage out and wash it under the cold water to rid it of the salt solution and other dirt as well.

Drained cabbage in a basin. Let the water drain for 30 mins.

After washing and draining the cabbage, leave the cabbage in the red Ikea box to dry in a covered container.

For the Kimchi sauce:
Gochu-garu red pepper powder used to mix with the dry salted cabbage. 

Frenched radish. The amount of chili powder used here is for three kilos of cabbage.

A handful of spring onions.

A handful of cloves.

Also about four tablespoons of fish sauce, a handful of mashed ginger.

Cubed red apples can be added to the if you like some sweetness in the sauce.

After the cabbage has drained of its water, mix in the pepper sauce.

The kimchi is then kept in a container in a dry cool place.

For storage, divide it into smaller boxes and kept refrigerated at all times.

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Skincare: Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Mask

Ever since I settled back in Sydney for the time being, I haven't had the time to sit down and do much pampering for my face, especially with the exfoliating bit.

Tonight I took out my Sothys travel size micro gel peeling,and did some light exfoliating on my face. 

This was followed by using the Purely White Skin Whitening Cleanser.  
The highlight of the night was the Jurlique  Moisture Replenishing Mask.

The product claims to be a 'replenishing and rebalancing treatment.'

This was the one that came from my Jurlique purchases recently in September when I was in Melbourne.

This is how it looks on me.

I have to say that it contains a strong citrusy smell like a lemon as was very strong even for my nose.

This is how I look after cleansing. I sprayed some Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist, some Jurlique herbal eye cream, and finally a layer of the Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream.

Looks all nicely hydrated!! :-))))

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Fragrances: Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers Eau De Toilette

I bought this the other day on my way home from work. I had run out of travel vials of fragrances and needed more.
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Baking: Paris International Cooking School (Week 1)

So recently I signed up for a once a nine weekly French baking course at Stanmore. The name is Paris International Cooking School, or PICS for short. 

 It's about ten mins by train from Sydney CBD. However you will still need to walk at least ten mins from the station to get to the shop.

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Eats: Making popular & yummy Korean noodles- kalguksu

Today Jo's mother made korean noodles kalguksu, with anchovy and dasima for dinner. What is that, you may ask?

It is.... Kal = knife, guksu= noodles.

= knife cut noodles!

This looks pretty yummy, isn't it? It is served with kimchi. Cut bird chilli with soy sauce is also used as as a dipping.
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