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Victoria: Lunch at Lake Pertrobe and Mckenzie Falls

(18/09) Picnic lunch at Lake Pertrobe. On the way to the Grampians and had DIY lunch at the park. 

Ha, maybe I was truly naive but I thought we would go and have lunch at the cafe. But on a backpacker tour, food is provided but it is self cooked. Everyone chips in!

Wraps being heated up on the BBQ pit. It's nice to go out with your family or friends to have a picnic at the park. That's what the Council should be doing. Providing well equipped facilities and making good use of our taxes to provide for the good of the community.

A typical gas burner on a cold night in Spring. We stayed at this cabin which had three rooms and could sleep ten persons in all. I took a room with two bunk beds.

Which was good as I needed to dry my clothes. But alas, they were still damp when morning came. So I had to wait till later to get them dry.

The upper lake of Mckenzie Falls. 

The bottom lake of Mckenzie Falls.

It was fairly cold when we arrived but by the time we arrived at the bottom of the waterfall, it was warm. Perhaps it had something to do with the energy given out by the waterfall. 

Walking up the steps also warmed up our bodies.

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