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Ashfield: Looking for vacant room

The thing about staying with your family members, and also working with them, is we dont realise the cost that we can save from sharing than having to buy the same things a few times for each individual.

On Thursday, I visited two boarding houses in Ashfield. In the first house, which is about ten mins from the train station, there were no common areas, i.e a lounge, nor a tv, and also no oven in the kitchen. But it had a very nice backyard. The rent is $155. The owner was egging me and trying to frighten by saying it was cheap for the area if I didnt take it, someone else will (I didnt think so, but kept it to myself).

The owner is from China, but I didnt tell him I am Chinese, and am used to cock and bull stories from typical malaysian chinese salespeople at home. So I just shrugged his story off.

The second house has a common area, which is a lounge, with three sofas, a big television, an oven in the kitchen, a separate male, and female bathroom/toilet, and a outdoor area with some table. It has a backyard which is shared with the house behind, and a little messy.

But neither of them had a table for dining, except for the former, which was outdoors and had roofing over. The rent was $140 and over, as there was a second room available but I couldnt view it.

In terms of socialisation, I much preferred the second one house. I am more inclined to choose that, but let God help me to choose should a better one come along.

After that, I visited the library in Ashfield. It's much bigger, with a completely newly renovated local Civic Centre.

After a chat with some mates, they said it was too expensive as there were 8 persons to be sharing the house and $165 was a bit too expensive in a boarding house of that many!!

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