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Sydney: Currently here longer than expected.

It happens, doesn't it?

You visit a place and end up staying than longer... 

Today is supposedly the last day of my trip to Australia. However I am extending my trip a little longer than expected.

Anyways, I am currently staying over at Jo's place with her family in Rhodes. It has a lovely view of the river, and lovely to take a run in the evenings.

Here are some interesting anecdotes of my trip in Sydney so far.

 Live musical Scooby Doo play at the Capitol Theatre! About 40 Aud. This theatre is located along Pitt St, and George St. 
Typical breakfast in a Korean household... Where the grandma is staying. Lol

My korean good friend Jo's baby, Hana. Isn't she cute???

Organ pipe at the Darling Street Anglican Church in Balmain where we attended Cindy & Winston's church wedding ceremony yesterday.

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