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Rock Patrol: Uluru (Day 3)

So this morning we make our way about 600 km on the road to Uluru. The bus departs at 7.45am. So obviously we had to wake up early to pack.

There was less to pack as we didn't have to pack as many swags. We had slept indoors in the underground bunks in Coober Pedy the night before.

It was chilly this morning, and you would need a jumper to keep yourself warm at least for the first good quarter of the morning till the sun is up mid sky. 

Marla's Rest. Apparently it was still chilly at 10.30am when we stopped over to stretch our legs.
A postbox delivery schedule that doesn't deliver? Hmmm. Most interesting. 

Ads that scare you. 

A map of our driving trail. 

A crew of backpackers taking a shoot at the border of Northern Territories.

My lovely red ruby slippers and a host of cameras. 

Stopping at Erldundu breakfast.

An ant nest in the sands. 

Finally reaching Uluru at daybreak!

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