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Rock Patrol: To Outback (Day 1) On the way to Uluru

24/9: On a warm Tuesday morning, we make our way out via bus at 6.45am. I checked out of Backpackers OZ. To my surprise, there were about 5 others from the same hostel tagging along.

The entire bus was packed! About 21 persons on board!!

Welcome to Flinders View Park! We stopped here to get some supplies.

It was located across the street from Woolworths!

We stopped over at a park in Quorn for lunch.

The Heysen Trail walking map. 

Lunch was bread wraps. We also had plenty of flying guests zzz around us... Best to get a hat with fly net if you're heading this way. This is a backpacker tour so get prepared to get your hands dirty...

Not sure what James is doing in the picture..

Some kind of salty sausage...

Camp grounds under the stars. Sleeping bag in the swag to keep our bodies warm and cosy. First time ever sleeping outdoors..  How sad. 

A lovely bonfire to keep the chill of the night away.

So we slept under the stars... I turned in early coz I was tired from the day's travelling. 

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