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Rock Patrol: Goober Pedy (Day 2) On the way to Uluru

The Groovy Grape crew woke up really early this morning, about 4am ish. It took a while to set out as there were many things to pack.

We had breakfast in Pimba, after about three hour ish drive. 

At Pimba, I saw this really cool vintage Holden car. It looked really unique so I decided to take a picture of it. I like how the vintage car was so well maintained.. They don't come by so often.

There were surprisingly not as many flies zooming around at this time of the day. Lol. 

We finally reached Coober Pedy around 3.30pm ish. It was quite hot around that time so everyone took a shower before heading out at 4.30pm for a drive.

The tour guide, Steve told us amusing stories of Coober Pedy and of Mel Gibson and the explosives in Coober Pedy.

After which, we went to Umoona's Opals for an opal tour and a look see to the early lives of the opal miners. 

Early days of how miners lived underground.

An English tour guide (from Essex, accorfing to James who is from London) was explaining how the people these days lived underground.

 It's no longer just miners, but normal people who take advantage of the normalcy of temperature of the 28 degrees Celsius afforded by living underground in the caves. 

A modern underground Lounge area.

A library in another corner.

A modern kitchen area.

Then she brought us to the lower levels to show us how miners used to climb up shafts.

Modern machines that cost up to Aud40,000...

Explosives that miners used in the past before the modern machines came in place.

An example of the opal line that miners used to determine the availability of opals in the mines.

Finally, there is the exhibition hall.. Basically depicting how opals were formed.. 

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