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Rock Patrol: (Days 4 & 5) Yulara, Uluru and Kata Tjuta

We arrived at camp base of Yulara on (26/9) for the sunset.

We managed to arrive in Uluru by daybreak so the crew was very happy!

Uluru at sunrise the following day before taking a hike at Kata Tjuta!

(27/9)On this morning, we took a hike up Kata Tjuta. It was quite tiring though it was roughly 7km ish, with its hills and valleys. 

Kata Tjuta is roughly 30 mins from Uluru via bus. We started the walk early in the morning around 9am as it heated up early by mid day!

The three day pass for National Park of Uluru, and Kata Tjuta.

This morning on (27/9) we made a 13km walk around the base of Uluru. It was a little easier as there were no cliffs to climb. I completed it fairly well, but with a blister on my right foot. =.=

This afternoon we made our way to Kings Canyon which is about three hours away by bus. Prices of items are sky high by the time we stopped over at Curtin Spring for the bottleshop. 

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