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Eats: Scruffys Murphys @ Sydney CBD

Thought I should post this up before I forget. 

So after our outing at San Churro last week, Pom and I headed shopping for some clothes I could wear during casual work. 

For dinner, we ended up at Scruffy Murphys, an Irish bar along George St, across the street from World Plaza. 

They normally have specials and Scruffy Murphys is having theirs daily at $8.95 with purchase of a drink. 

Oh look, Pom is standing at the door!

The menu

Outdoor dining area.

Interior dining.

And old fire place.. I guess it's not bein used?

Cutlery and serviettes, and sauces are self serviced in this place. I believe there is also water as well. Food of course is served by the waiters.

We both ordered lemon, lime and bitters. 

Lemon, lime and bitters. It was about $3.50. 

Rump steak 8.95 (need to buy a drink)

My rump steak with chips.

Lemon lime and bitters: it is a common soda  drink served at most bars. It is made with lemonade, lime juice, and bitters. 

The drink was ok, however, I actually prefer the one from the Cheers bar across the street. The food at Cheers Bar is a little more pricey though.

Rump steak: mine was medium done, so it was a little rare in the middle. Perhaps I should have asked for well done instead as I didn't finish the entire piece of steak. 

Across the street from World Plaza,
along George St.

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