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Eats: Homemade Korean Pancake (Patjeon)

Chung Ah, Jo's sister was making dinner the other day. As the ever wanting to learn more different styles of cooking, I decided to assist her.

She wanted to make the quinessential Korean pancake, using flour, kinchi, and other stuff in the kitchen. 

Using normal flour, sift it into a bowl of kimchi. 

Break in an egg

Mix it well with a spoon.

Add in some sliced mushrooms.

Grate some potato and mix it in.

Put in some salt for taste.

Oil the frying pan and let it heat up.

Garnish it with some sliced chilli.

The korean pancake is done. It does look red hot, and yet it is somewhat spicy, but not that much either.

Verdict: Making and putting in the ingredients in the bowl is easy. 

Frying the pancake is the tricky part.. And flipping it so it doesn't break into a million pieces takes some skill..

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