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Eats: Fast Pho @ Sydney CBD

Today after church service at Hope Sydney, my Thai friend, Pom invited me to join them to try out the Vietnamese food for lunch. 

It was about a 5 min walk from Hope Sydney.

The entrance of Fast Pho. 

Opening times at the sign on the door.

The interior chairs and tables.

Chili sauces at the table.

Complimentary self service hot chinese tea and water.

Menu prices. I think the prices are pretty affordable and portions are generous.

Pom enjoying her beef noodles.

My 7Aud Beef Noodles.

I ordered the normal beef noodles, partly because it was cheaper, and also I wasn't too hungry after having snacks post church service.

 I thought the portions were fairly affordable and generous considering the shop was located in the city. The soup was full of flavour which makes it good and tasty.

Gary who is the husband of Apple (a thai friend who we were having lunch with) told me that the shop is always full so it was surprising that the shop was empty when we came in...  But he spoke too soon as about ten mins after that, the shop was full busy!

The staff working there seemed to be of Vietnamese ethnicity. My order was mixed up with the special beef noodles when it was served so I asked for it to be changed back to the normal beef noodles.

Overall it was a good experience. I recommend returning to the shop again.

Fast Pho 
84 Mountain St (off Paramatta Road)
Sydney CBD

Opening hours:
Mondays to Sundays
11.30 am- 9pm 

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