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Eats: Cheers Bar @ Sydney CBD

Yup, this place is definitely named after the 1980s American sitcom series, Cheers.

The entrance of Cheers Bar at George St.

Pub menu at Cheers Bar.
Lemon, Lime and Bitters (Large): Aud 3.80. Not too bad, I like this drink.
Nachos with the works: 10 AUD

Bangers and Mash: Aud9.00 James said this was English food...

So here I am at the pub for lunch with a white English mate, James that I met during the Groovy Grape tour. He wanted to have pub food so here we are. 

How's the food? Well, James seems to like it. I'm fine with it so far
I might just come back again just to try the Taco Sliders (12AUD). They sound good.

 561 George Street, 
Sydney CBD
(Across the street from World Plaza)

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