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Eats: Ba Sim @ Strathfield NSW

So on a Monday evening, about six of us met up at a Korean BBQ diner in Strathfield suburb.

Don chose to go to Basim.. 

The entrance of Basim

The interior of Basim.

Menu at Basim

Four superwomen. Me, Lily, Cecile, and Jenny. All Cantonese speakers from different parts of the world!

Banchan side dishes

Banchan steamed egg

Sam Gyeop Sal

Putting on the BBQ

Price : 84Aud for 4 dishes+ rice.

Verdict: This seems like a fairly posh area to go for BBQ dinner. We didn't realise it at first, but it seems that everything on the menu is for the BBQ.

The priciest dish on the menu is the Bassinet Bulgogi with two rice at $35.  It wasn't too bad, and tastes fairly delicious. However I wouldn't recommend ordering it unless you are with a group of mates.

It came up to about 14 dollars p.p for the six of us, which is about the average price for dinner around these parts anyways.

The food wasn't too bad. Though there wasn't anything too particular on the menu that really caught my eye to entice me to return that soon yet.

Corner of Churchill Avenue

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