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Australia: Porting from Optus prepay to Telstra prepay

Friday (11th October 2013)
Today is the day my Optus prepay credit was expiring.

Coles was having a $15 for $30 Telstra prepay promotion but it sold out coz I had tried three different places (World Plaza, Coles Express, Rhodes) and it wasn't available either.

As I had to recharge the expiring Optus credit, I decided I could give Telstra a try. 

So what I did was walk into the Sydney World Plaza along George Street where there is a Telstra shop. 

I bought a $30 Telstra sim prepay pack, and I placed the sim into my Iphone4. The consultant put in the order to port the number over for me. That was 2pm ish.

12th Oct:
One day passes, and its 4pm on a Saturday evening. I am done in the Sydney Ultimo library reading a book on job hunting and had to leave as the library was closing for the day.

I check my phone. I still haven't received any SMS from Telstra on the IPhone 4 telling me my number has been ported.

So I walk back to the same Telstra shop at World Plaza. A different consultant served me this time, and I explained to her what happened.

She calls up the Telstra help line and explained to the person on the other line what happened. First I was asked if I wanted to escalate the order. Then I was asked if I wanted to buy a new $2 SIM card. 

I was told my money could not be refunded but if I bought a new $2 SIM card, they could transfer it to the new card an make a new order. 

Ding Dong Ding Dong. 

Then when I do decide to get a new SIM card as asked by the consultant (Telstra should actually give me a new card and not make me pay for a new one!) I am told the guy on the other end of the line said it might be better to just escalate the case. 

This entire scenario took up to twenty mins. The consultant serving was then told that it may take another 24 hours or worst case scenario up to Monday or Tuesday before the number from Optus can be ported.

I thought it was a total waste of time because it really didn't solve any problem.

Seriously, Telstra. 

You guys may say you dominate the telco network in Australia, but your porting service totally sucks and way backward and behind technology!! 

13th Oct: 
 I call up the Telstra hotline on my Telstra prepay. I am being given the excuse that because its on a weekend, Optus offices do not work on Saturday or Sunday and I am given the reason that my number is not being ported over is due to that.

I am asked to wait for another further 24 hours.

14th Oct: (Monday)
Today is the fourth day after I made the order to port my number.

I return to the Telstra shop at World Plaza.

This time, I am told by the consultant, Eugene, that from the time I enquired about my service being ported over from Optus till today, nothing has actually been done to escalate the provision of my number. In fact, noone at Telstra has put in the order to escalate my order even on Saturday when I made my first inquiry!!

Eugene gives me his business card to call in case the staff at the other line of Telstra decides to be funny and make me wait another 48 hours. 

15th Oct 2013:
The phone number still is not ported. It is 23:25 hours now. 

Tomorrow I will go back to the World Plaza store and ask for a refund as Telstra is really shitty and can't give me a straight answer on what is happening.

16th 0ct 2013:
So when I went into the Telstra shop at World Plaza this morning, and they checked it, I was informed that the number had ported over! Surprisingly.

It took four workdays: Friday afternoon, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, + Saturday and Sunday. A total of 6 days to port a number.

I am relieved.

I however, am happy with the consultant Eugene for doing the right thing by giving me the phone number: 13 22 00 for Telstra complaints. I shall do that when I have more time later tonight at home.

About 17:00 hours today, I received a call from Telstra customer service in regards to the kerfuffle of the last few days. 

She said that in lieu of the trouble of the last few days, Telstra was giving me 1000 texts, and 150 mins which could be utilised apart from the free 6pm to 6am free call and text which my plan is on.

Ok, at least they did something to compensate for the trouble.


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