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Alice Springs: End of Uluru and Northern Territories adventure

Yesterday, on our unofficial 7th day together, the remaining of the crew from the Groovy Grape tour met up at the CBD for lunch.
We took a short walk in the hot sun to the Anzac Hill Lookout Point. The construction of the Lookout Point is funded by the Lion's Club, hence. It is a walk up a few steep steps. I took some pictures but its in the other camera so that will take a while to get uploaded. 

On the lookout, there is a memorial to the the army forces who fought in the World War II. There is even a plaque for Malaya found at the memorial wall (old name for Malaysia).

In the evening, we ended up having a dinner of spaghetti bolognaise, garlic bread and potato wedges together at Annie's Backpacker which is about 10 mins walk away up the street. Chef Jan and Chef Peter were the lovely cooks who cooked up the storm. 

A lovely pink lemonade to end a warm night at Alice Springs.

(1/10) Today is the last morning of my day in Alice Springs. 

After 3 days of the Great Ocean Road, 1 day at Barossa Valley, 2 days at Kangaroo Island, and 6 days heading from Adelaide to Alice Springs, my adventure up to the Northern Territories has finally come to an end.

So I do random things like writing this blog entry at the door of the backpackers I  staying, on my iPhone 4. Lol. I then take pictures of the hostel I am staying at. 

It is with a sense of trepidation and a sense of being overwhelmed of having completed, though short adventure. Not everything went smoothly, and some things could have been managed better, but all is forgiven when time is a scarce necessity. 

Perhaps these are feelings one get at the close of a chapter and moving on to that next big adventure.

Anyways, to share more on the town of Alice Springs, I see numerous people cycling happily down the street in the breeze of the morning. 

It's close to 9am, and surprisingly the sun is yet to make its appearance in the sky. 

My bunk at Toddy's Backpackers. 

Room 56- a four share female bunk room. 

Swimming pools for the hot days. 

There is a cool breeze blowing as I write this standing here like a crazy funny person. Lol.

It is another one hour to checkout and another hour there after till my airport shuttle arrives. 

I love the airport. It has an outdoor area for you to enjoy the sun whilst waiting to board the flight. 

Goodbye, Alice Springs!

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