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Adelaide: CBD, Whispering Walls, Botanical Gardens.

Here are some interesting shots I took whilst at Adelaide. I really like the Instaweather app as it is GPS based and tells you the exact time and temperature of the location when the  app is used.

Rocking horse ... On the way to Barossa Wine Tours. (20/9)

These is the Whispering Walls. You speak on one side, and listen on the other side. The curved space bounces sound from one end to the other.

Friday evening was a warm night, so I took the opportunity to take a walk out. The shops closed at 9pm so everyone was out too.

On my last say, i decided to take a walk to the Botanical Gardens. It is a short 15 min walk from Rundle Mall. Very soothing and calm place.

 I would have loved to spend more time at the gardens, but I had stupidly booked a tour at the Haighs choc factory. Never mind. 

The grounds are actually huge so I used a different and better camera, so wait for the pictures!

There is also a wine and bakery cafe in collaboration with University of Adelaide nearby but I wouldn't advise going alone for obvious reasons!

At David Jones closed at 7pm so I took the last night to have a walkout. There was this really cute Aussie guy at the shop biding his time to finish work.

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