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Metamoff Gallery: Cats Eye Design

Before: with no eye makeup application 

After: With Cats Eye design application 

Items used for this design: MAC gel eyeliner (black), eyeshadow, falsies and glue, kohl pencil.

Brushes: eye shadow blending, eyeliner brush. 

So as most may know, I have been attending makeup classes for the past few months. I had to choose between other blogger activities, or makeup lessons. 

Since I had to pay for my makeup lessons, that was my priority. 

A mate of mine remarked that I could pick up tips from watching YouTube. 

However, she forgot to remember that people who could pick up tips from watching videos would already have a basic foundation in makeup application, and that was not an option for me. 

Above are pictures taken from the most recent eye makeup lesson where I was learning the cats eye makeup design.

My skills are improving so I am rather pleased about that. With more practice, I should be able to create and better adapt the colours to my preference. 

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Arms said...

The make up is nice. But I wanna compliment on your eye brows. I think they're pretty hehee.

You know, not too thin, not too thick.

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