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Melbourne: Sights of Melbourne

So I have just spent five days travelling on my own on the trams and trains of Melbourne.

I now make my way to The Great Ocean Road on the Groovy Grape tour.

I didn't write much in the last three days as I was really busy meeting up mates and running around with domestic tasks. 

Went to visit Madeline and Bob living in Fern Tree Gully, in the East, which is located an hour away from the CBD.

Visited Madeline and Bob. This is their three year old daughter, Cheyonne.

Ever seen a lemon tree before?

Little flowers (no idea what they are called though) found in Madeline's backyard.

Flinders St train station, one of the main stations in the CBD. The weather was up to 10 degrees on Sunday night. So yeah, it was really cold!

Met up with Matt, and Aaron from Toowoomba on Sunday afternoon.

Visited the Hillsong campus service in Melbourne CBD on Sunday night. 

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