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Day 2: Melbourne, Vietnamese pho, and Zinger Pie!

Today was a lot less eventful than my first day here.

Here is a picture of a tree in early spring taken in Caroline Springs. 
After our morning tasks in Truganina, Bro. Low and wife took me to St. Alban's to have Vietnamese pho. It's like Cabramatta in New South Wales, a big Vietnam Town.

Beef pho. Lots of crunchy bean sprouts and a piece of lemon. 

Boxes of Strawberries selling at Aud1.49 

Taking the bus from St.Albans to High Point Shopping Centre, one of the bigger malls in the vicinity. Roughly took an hour to reach via bus. 

Early evening tea at High Point SC, a KFC Zinger Pie combo set. Only in Australia.

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