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Bangkok: Damneok Floating Market, MBK, and Terminal 21.

So we made a trip to Damneok Floating Market on our second day in Thailand, which was a Friday morning. This is the second post I am doing on the same trip for that day. The first post was written here using my Iphone3 whilst on the road.

Unfortunately I don't have my big Lumix camera with me at this time, so I cant upload the lovely big pictures... (sorreee.. got to wait okayyyyy)

So close to the water.... murky brown river water... 

I like the coconut ice-cream. 30 baht only!
Even Ronald Mcdonald says sawadeeka!
Taken from Mcdonalds @ Tokyu, MBK.
Interconnecting terminals to the different subways and LRTs. 

At Terminal 21 Mall. 
May all passengers depart at Gate 1, thank you. 
Sukhumvit Plaza: The Korea Town of Bangkok!
Another shot of Sukhumvit Plaza... all things korean!

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