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Australia: Arriving in Melbourne (Day 1)

So I have arrived safely in Melbourne. It is super freaking cold here...!!!! 

Bloody 9 degrees. Can't be compared to Sydney's 20 degrees (according to Yahoo today).

Bought this at the duty free shop ar thr airport on my way in. I will probably get more when I leave Australia, but this is for the mates whose place I am staying at.

The officer didn't question much on what I wrote on the border immigration card, though trying to decide whether to tick 'I am migrating permanently' or as a 'Return Resident Visa' is a bit confusing. 

One thing about travelling on Air Asia, if you can afford a bit more, try to get the seats nearer to Premium and in the Quiet Area. There were at least three babies screaming at the top of their lungs at 3 am in the dead of the morning. Drove me nuts!

So I have arrived safely now. Took a two hour nap. It takes roughly twenty mins from Caroline Springs via bus and another forty mins via train directly to the city. Fare is roughly 7Aud for a daily rate for Zone 1+2 on the MYKI transport card.

I am now at Max Brenner, having just ordered my large hot chocolate with crunchy waffle balls. (About 6.50Aud).

Display of a variety of chocolates and chocolate inspired cakes at Max Brenner.

Different mugs at Max Brenner

Outdoor heater at Max Brenner at 17:22 hours.

The National Library in front of Melbourne Central station.

Last but not least, is my purchase from David Jones this evening. Aud122 for a total of five full sized products!

Until tonight... Laterz!

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