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Thailand is progressing faster than Malaysia

It is interesting to see what Thailand has become. 

When I was changing money at the exchange bureau on Saturday morning, I realized that the exchange rate for Ringgit has dropped tremendously... And that is against the Thai baht. 

Malaysia ringgit is now approx Rm1.00 to Thai Baht 0.91.

This is an extremely terribly low rate considering that prices of similar items are almost dollar to dollar. 

Considering that most of the people in Thailand can't even string a proper sentence in English, nor even spell in the English alphabet, it is a shocking revelation to the state of what is happening in Malaysia. 

Monday was the birthday of the Queen of Thailand. In front of every shopping mall, financial establishment and even hotels, you can find a portrait of the Queen. It seems the people of Thailand really revere and love their royal family. 

Do we have the same thing happening in Malaysia? How many of you guys even know who the King or Queen of Malaysia is? 

What is it about the governance in Thailand that makes the citizen love and revere their royal family so much? 

I used to have the perception that people from Thailand who came to Malaysia to work would be poor. 

But considering how the currency of Baht can now stand on its own feet, shows that they are finally catching up with Malaysia...

If our government continues to slack with all the nonsensical drama i.e arresting muslims who look after dogs, Muslims who participate in beauty pageants, etc instead of focusing on transparency in the government system I.e ensuring the rakyat get their monies off EPF efficiently, transparency in the electoral roll, no blackouts and magic shows during elections, perhaps the rakyat will have more confidence in the current Barisan Government. 

I certainly don't and am not very amused. 

For all you know, at the rate our economy is deteriorating, it might be Malaysians who may end up working as domestic maids in Thailand, or moving there in the not too very far future. 

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